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Nextar is an organization where people really count and are always pivotal. We do really care about properly including every newcomer; while we actively involve those who have just recently approached the IT world, we also invest in the continuous updating process of those who - gained some significant skills in the recent past - got in trouble in keeping up with brand new technologies.




Health insurance covering examinations, visits, admissions, dental surgery, ophthalmology and major interventions.

At Nextar we're fully aware of the constantly evolving operative scenario. That's why we consider essential that our employees get proper tuition (in a classroom or through on-the-job training) and stay constantly updated to the latest releases regarding their technology area.

Who is able to significantly contribute to our growth - by introducing her/his friends, that will permanently work for us - will receive a cash bonus for this important referral!

Last but not least, we created a contest to celebrate the employee of the year: the prize is a trip for 2 people in a location picked by the winner from a wide choice of destinations.

Do you really need more reasons to start working for us?

Corporate Credic Card.

Friend brings friend.

Employee of the year.

Health Care & Bonus


Social engagement

We're all aware to live in a country, region and area, sharing space with a community made up of Peolpe.
That's why Nextar does its best to play our part in making the world surrounding us "a better place": we are supporting charities and solidarity institutions, paying specific attention to the rights of children, women and the poor people.
Over the years we put our commitment in supporting - and working closely with - several Humanitarian Organizations.
We also support initiatives highlighted by a single employee, aimed to improve the community in which she/he lives and we will go on in the future, also thanks to the support of other colleagues: You could be next!

Organization committed in protection of women's rights against gender discrimination in education and in the headlines.

International missionary organization active in building schools and infrastructures in Africa.

Donation for the victims of the August 24th earthquake.

Organization committed to improving the condition of women.

Social Engagement

Agreements & Discounts

Health & Well Being

Who works for Nextar must have the feeling to be a special person, every single day! That's why we arranged a number of advantages and benefits that allow our employees to have fun, be cool, save money and also to stay fit!
Imagine: your day could start in one glamorous Virgin Active gyms, in order to arrive at the office - or at the venue of your assignment - in the best physical condition. You will stop worrying about depending on a "not always impeccable"National Health Service, simply because Nextar has taken care of covering you with M├Ętasalute private health insurance. Regardless if it's a business or tourist trip, using the services of Aeroporti di Roma will be a pleasure for you, as you can take full advantage of promotions on food and drinks or even park your car in the safest area with cool discounts. Once at destination, you will enjoy the best accommodations, chosen among thousands of hotels and resorts listed in the Accor Hotels chain!
Aren't these good reasons to join our group? What are you waiting for?!?

Health Insurance covering examinations, visits, admissions, dental surgery, ophthalmology and major interventions.

Discounts on overnight stays in all hotels belonging to the group ACCOR.

5% discount with access to Virgin gyms throughout Italy!

Discounts and promotions on stops and consumption at the Airports of Rome.

Health & Well Being

Nextar For Fun!

Festivals, Events & Team Building

People work better and are more productive when they are HAPPY: that's why we constantly strive to offer a working environment to be considered positive, constructive and inspiring. At Nextar it is important to feel like a team. We constantly run Team Management Meeting, we involve our employees in group-participation to events and conventions but - most important of all - our HR colleagues periodically visit all our premises to run face to face meeting with every single employee.
Working at Nextar means to inevitably spend a lot of time with your colleagues on challenging and ambitious projects, which require hard work, passion and dedication. So we came to a conclusion: a couple of team building activities per year are an indispensable Company investment to grant not just a legitimate professional growth, but even a more important personal enrichment.

Festivals, Events & Team Building